Hydraulic hose Adapters are components manufactured to join two or more thread forms or sizes to one another. In some cases, adapters also be fittings. For example, if the ORB cylindrical female port needs to be connected to the female end of the JIC hose, the adapter fittings will be the ORB male and JIC male. Hydraulic hose Adapters allow the attachment of unequal size components as well. Consider the rare occasion when optional components are installed into a system yet they just happen to have the same port sizes. Going from one diameter to the next requires an adapter. The adapter may have two female, two male or one of each type, but will always exist with different sizes on each end. Some adapters are jump sizes, going up two or more standard sizes, such as from ¼ in. NPT right up to ½ in. NPT.

Hydraulic hose adapters provide creative solutions, as well. A hydraulic hose may have 1 in. JIC connections, so a run tee adapter with one end 1 in. JIC female, one end 1 in. JIC male and the third with ¼ in. The JIC male connector allows a test point or pressure gauge to be added to that part of the pipe.

Hydraulic Adapters are made of steel for long lasting durability. Adapter for use in hydraulic size conversions or connections. Designed to simplify connection of hydraulic components ensuring proper hose routing for longer hose service life. Hose Adapters should meet the requirements of convenient assembly and disassembly, reliable connection, reliable sealing, small size, large oil flow capacity, small pressure loss, and processing technology. Adapters are widely used in all corners of our lives. They are mainly used in various industries such as energy, petrochemical, electric power, ships, automobiles, rail transit, mining, metallurgy, steel mills, ocean engineering, engineering machinery, etc.

We can produce many different types of hydraulic adapters. In addition to straight connectors, we also provide plugs, caps, elbows and T-shaped connectors to help you make the correct connection.

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· JIC Adapter

· O-Ring Boss Adapter

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· NPSM Adapter

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· Metric Adapter

· JIS Meric Adapter

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· ISO 6162 Flange Fitting

· Compression Tube Fitting Adapter

Features of hydraulic adapter

One the one hand, hydraulic adapter enable the interchange of different standards, such as JIC, NPT, BSP, ORFS, ORBS, Metric, JIS, and etc. A hydraulic machine can have parts of all the standards, and thus require hydraulic adapters play as intermediate role to connect all the different standards. For example, when a JIC hose ends need to be connected to a NPT hose ends, only an adapter with corresponding BSPP and JIC standards can solve the problem. Thus, hydraulic adapter is able to achieve connection of multiple standards. 

On the other hand, hydraulic adapters allow the combination of unequal size parts. Think about how many times a hydraulic system just happen to have two ends with unequal size, lets just say, 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch. A jump size hydraulic adapter easily solve the puzzle by connecting its 1/2 inch end to 1/2 inch hose end and its 3/4 inch to 3/4 inch hose end. Thus, hydraulic adapter provide solutions to join two or more parts with unequal sizes. 

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