00TF0 Hydraulic Tef Hose Ferrule Hose Sleeve

00018 SAE100r7 R8 Ferrule for SAE100r R8 Hose P00018 Fitting

00110 Hydraulic Non-Skive Ferrule for One Wire Hose Ferrule

00200 Skive Ferrule for SAE 100r2at

00210 Ferrule for SAE100 R2at  DIN20022 2sn Hose 

00400 Ferrule for 4sp-4sh Hose 

00402 Hydraulic Hose Sleeve for 4 Wire Hose Ferrule

00621 Ferrule for R3, R15 Hydraulic Hose Ferrule 

03310 Ferrule for SAE100r2at2sn Hose Ferrule

and we can also produce whatever Hose ferrules you want if you could provide us  with drawings, including  custom cnc machining, cnc machined parts, non-standard machine parts in steel ,  stainless steel, brass.

If you have special requirement on the material, tolerance, process, treatment, equipment or test, Just feel free to contact us, and we will try our best to meet your needs.

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